The Kingdom Report's
Gared Hassel

Shy, timid, and quiet, these are words that do not describe Gared Hassel, rather he is the immediate opposite of these.

His personality is large, loud, fun-filled and borders on the same level of Goofy dancing to the song “Stand Out”. He hails from California where his love for Disney grew from watching the Disney animated classics as a child along with his trips to Disneyland where he felt Walt Disney’s magic flowing through him.

His love for Disney pushed him towards becoming a Cast Member at Walt Disney World where he was a performer and helped make dreams come true. Since then, he has remained an Annual Passholder and stays up to date on all Disney news, from rides, to lands, to the best-hidden secrets.

Even though he now resides in Florida, Disneyland in California will forever be his favorite park with Indiana Jones Adventure as his favorite attraction.

He is a genuine person with a heart full of hope for what the Walt Disney Company can do to make more magic in our world, all while at the same time remembering the past and all that one man and a mouse did so many years ago.

P.S. He believes Gaston is the hero of Beauty and the Beast, and no one can tell him otherwise. 

Gared serves as lead correspondent for Kingdom Report Live & covers The Walt Disney Company in Florida.

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